A Message from Our Pastor

God calls us, servants of Saint James Parish in Bartlesville, OK, to be the light of Christ in our community.  Cherishing the tradition of our Roman Catholic faith, we are committed to  build the Kingdom of God.  Nurtured by the Eucharist, our love of Jesus and Mary compels us to serve one another with prayers and actions.

This week's message
August 25, 2019

We gather together today in our local communities while millions of others gather together in their communities all over the world.  When Isaiah wrote that the Lord comes to "gather nations of every language," could he have imagined over a billion believers, millions from a hemisphere not even conceived of by those of his place and time?  Let us celebrate that hundreds of years and thousands of miles away, we are welcomed just as much as people in Isaiah's or Jesus' time.  Jesus tells us in today's Gospel that the gate to eternal life is narrow and many will not through.  However, both Isaiah and Jesus speak of people from the ends of the earth being welcomed into the presence of the Lord.  We would do well to remember what Gods asks of us and then follow the advice of Hebrews and accept discipline.  Let us exercise the discipline to listen to the word of God and take it to heart.


What do I need to look at differently in the light of today's Gospel?  How will I strengthen myself so that I can open the narrow gate.

Fr. Archie

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